Our Vision – One Goal: Your Success!

Connection to sports associations and signing contracts – This is only one of the many facets that we provide. Our clients could lay their complete career planning in our hands with a 100% assurance.

As a management, our strengths are quite unique with years of experience and a wide range of competences of the employees. From psychiatrist to a lawyer, scientist, surgeons and right up to coaches – we guide you in a reliable and an innovative way to a profitable career and more. In this process, it is one of our main concerns to train both the players and trainers through advanced training and education on a continual basis.

Our widespread network covers Germany, Turkey and the whole of Europe and guaranties reliable quality contacts as well as the best possible guidance in sporting, health wise and legal/financial queries.

Honesty, Respect and Reliability – these are our values, that we strongly stand upon as well as our athletes on their path to glory. Our ultimate objective is “Unity in Diversity”, to be athletic and humane across continents, rivalries, religions and all.

Let us work together in making this vision reality.